Why “Aim for The Stars and Land On The Moon” Strategy Doesn’t Work

One day I decided to join a gym and put an end to my weight issues once and for all. My goal: Loose 10 kgs in one month. Is it impossible? I don’t care. Even the word impossible says I M Possible.

So I worked out like a donkey. Beat the sweat out of myself at the tread mill. Left my arms sore due to lifting dumb-bells.

One month later I checked my weight again. I lost 2 kgs. Not 10.

Now, that exactly follows the “Aim for the stars, even if you miss, you will land on the moon” philosophy.

It should have made me happy that I lost 2 kgs right? But no, I was very disappointed.

The point is, when you work so hard to reach the stars but somehow you land on the moon, you prove yourself wrong. You fail to stand your own expectations. You feel like a loser.

These days people have become more sensible so now they say,  ”Aim for the moon, even if you miss, you will land on the roof top”. That’s closer to reality.

Wouldn’t it be easier if we simply aim for small yet achievable goals, and step-by-step progress towards greatness? It’s less poetic of course. I mean, it wouldn’t impress anyone if I say “Aim for the roof top, even if you miss, you will land on the….umm….sofa?”.

But that’s ok. Because setting unrealistically high expectations for yourself and for others leads to Perfectionism. That’s another concept so many of us get wrong. You can click here to read my thoughts about perfectionism and how it can ruin our lives.

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  • Dude I think your philosophy in life goes hand in hand with mine. Nobody can sustain such an effort and be happy with the results cuz even if you do lose weight you will lose a lot of other important stuff with it and this will ultimately make anyone stop in the future really.

    "If it's not sustainable then why even bother " Abdulaziz Algain

    Great post btw

  • Anna Perusquia

    I think the philosophy about moon and stars is applicable differently in here. Instead of comparing your results as moon and stars (losing 2kg instead of 10),you should think in terms of efficiency and energy. In order to get to the stars instead of the moon, you have to use your resources wisely. It’s not about working hard, its about working smart. You need new strategy on how to loose weight efficiently – do research, then apply it. You will be there. If you use your fuel inefficiently, you will end up on the roof top instead. Find a better solution. What you achieved is just a beginning. You will make series of mistakes before you achieve optimal result. Just stick to it and improvise. You will lose weight. Keep going.

  • Osman

    You are right about working smart. Countless people work hard all their lives, but reach nowhere (think about poor laborers). It’s also about implementing what we learn. My mistake was – I learned a lot of stuff but implemented none, or should I say, I implemented it the wrong way! Expecting to lose 10kg a month is itself an unrealistic goal (So is reaching the stars, if we think literally!)

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